Barry’s Blues


A book of lyrical poetry from Barry Edwards.

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Barry Edwards was born in the year of punk in the West Midlands, UK. Growing up in the desolate Thatcher years of government, the genocide of the lower classes and the obscenity of the super rich led him to take two paths; one, a political activist determined to make society fairer for all… the other, emersing in a romantic rock n roll dreamland based upon his experiences touring with rock n roll/punk bands from his teenage years to the present day. It is this dreamland that inspires his poetry.. a land of romanticism, sex and rhythm and blues…the never ending quest for the perfect love that does not exist. His poetry had earned multiple accolades including the Spoiled Ink/Edit Red Writers Choice award. Barry’s Blues is his second collection of work following the well-received ‘Robert Johnson and Paganini Waiting For The Devil’.

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