torches n’ pitchforks

Escape Route: a torches n' pitchforks anthology

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In its ninth year, torches n’ pitchforks literary journal continues to hunt for voices that might otherwise go silent. Silenced by outside forces that would say these stories- even in the ways they tell them- do not matter. How mistaken those outside forces are! They are luminous. They flicker and shine. They are torchlight piercing the darkness.


Jim Churchill- Dicks, Editor

At torches n’ pitchforks online literary journal, we hunt for voices that rise above the angry mob, so that we may reclaim our wild humanity one story and one poem at a time.

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Musehick Publications in conjunction with torches n’ pitchforks literary journal is proud to present Escape Route: a torches n’ pitchforks anthology, edited by Jim Churchill-Dicks, and featuring the talents of a whole host of new names who we hope to see lighting up the literary scene for many years to come. Featuring prose, poetry, non-fiction, reviews, and more, this volume represents a bold step into print media from this fantastic online literary journal.