Jim Churchill-Dicks

Jim’s individual works have been featured in The Good Men Project, The Other Journal, Press 1, Vain Magazine, Fire Magazine and others. He holds an MFA in Prose and Poetry from Goddard College and is the founding editor of Torches n’ Pitchforks online literary journal.
“Few writers have either the courage or the capacity for specificity that is required to tell the complex truth of a family’s immense cruelties, or its fragile loves. In Wine-Dark Mother and the Trapper’s Son, Churchill-Dicks reminds us of the fact that in Jewish tradition, witness is an active verb; a difficult praxis and a real action toward reconstituting the world and making whole what was scattered. In these poems’ reconstitution of memory, soul, and family, we are enabled to more fiercely and truly witness our own.”
– Jessamyn Smyth, author of The Inugami Mochi and Kitsune

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“Jim Churchill-Dicks’ poetry collection Wine-Dark Mother and the Trapper’s Son witnesses the explosive landscapes of fractured families with a level gaze as tender as it is reckoning. Tectonic violence jerks the ground under these poems. Recurring images of smoke, ash, volcanic eruptions, and what we see in the plumes create an ominous and contested beauty. As the collection progresses, the images begin to cohere into a larger skyscape of un-easy forgiveness.
“Deeply moving account of a young boy’s fractured perspective of his parent’s dysfunctional relationship, his father’s emotional and verbal abuse of his mother that finally leads to divorce, and then the young boy’s life as he grows up, split between his new family and the troubling visits every summer with his father and stepmother, where the harsh criticism and emotional manipulation continue to grow worse the older the boy gets. As the boy becomes a man and has children of his own, he tries to find forgiveness towards his father, but the troubled relationship only seems to grow more fractured. The book ultimately ends with the letting go of the toxic relationships in his life in order to step forward into a healthier lifestyle for the sake of his family as well as his own happiness and peace of mind.”
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