Jim Churchill-Dicks

Jim’s individual works have been featured in The Good Men Project, The Other Journal, Press 1, Vain Magazine, Fire Magazine and others. He holds an MFA in Prose and Poetry from Goddard College and is the founding editor of Torches n’ Pitchforks online literary journal.

Paul Grimsley

Paul Grimsley has appeared in Issue 1 of ‘Showcase Press Poetry Journal’; Issue 1 of ‘Out Of The Gutter’; Issue 4 of ‘Throwragmag’; Number 4 of ‘Dark Lady Poetry’; and #1 of Weaponizer Quarterly. Writer, Prizefighter, Caffeine-Inspired All-Nighter. Tabloid mouth, broadsheet mind.

Jamie Houghton

Jamie is a poet, musician and teaching artist who lives in Bend, Oregon. Her poetry chapbook, BURN SITE IN BLOOM (2017) and her full-length collection, HERO (2020) were released by Musehick Publications

Barry Edwards

Barry Edwards was born in the year of punk in the west midlands, UK. Growing up in the desolate Thatcher years of government, the genocide of the lower classes and the obscenity of the super rich led him to take two paths; one, a political activist determined to make society fairer for all… the other, immersing in a romantic rock n roll dreamland based upon his experiences touring with rock n roll/punk bands from his teenage years to the present day.

Jessica Mehta

Jessica (Tyner) Mehta is a Cherokee poet, novelist, and storyteller. She’s the author of five collections of poetry including the forthcoming Constellations of My Body, Secret-Telling Bones, Orygun, What Makes an Always, and The Last Exotic Petting Zoo as well as the novel The Wrong Kind of Indian.

Amber Victoria Tudor

Amber Victoria Tudor has been published in Writers Café Anthology 2006 and will appear in the Spring 2010 issue of Glint Magazine. She is the founding editor of Dark Lady Poetry.

Joyce White

A mom of three grown children and a grandmother of seven. Joyce was born in Pennsylvania, grew up in North New Jersey and moved to Florida in 2004 where she now resides. Joyce loves vegetable gardening, taking long adventurous drives, changing environment, silk screen printing, research, science and the internet. She have a love of things scientific and methodical as well as artistic and creative.

Linda Goin

The complexity and beauty of Linda Goin‘s poetry reflect her deep understanding of the human heart. Her kinship to the Renaissance ideal of excellence in a multitude of complementary passions is reflected in her art, photography, gardening, yoga, and–most importantly–her unforgettable writing.

Rob McCabe

Mr. McCabe is a recent graduate of the MFA in Creative Writing low-residency program at the University of Tampa, in Tampa, Florida. His poetry has appeared twice in RFD magazine (Summer 2015 and Summer 2016), and recently his poem, “Junky” was published in Sunny Side Down: A Charles Bukowski Tribute.


Natasha Grimsley

Natasha Szmidt is a 30-year-old self-taught watercolorist and illustrator. She is originally from Los Angeles, California and currently lives in Florida.
As a child, she grew up in a household of artists, and started drawing by the age of two. She hasn’t stopped since.
She also enjoys writing and crafting.